What and who is Tellurian Radio?

Good question deserves an answer. Errr….

Ok, let’s start with what we are not, we are not a Classic Rock station! That would be far too limiting. What is considered rock is an overly broad description, which is why there are so many genres within the Rock genre. I’ll let you younger people into a little secret, back in the day there were no genres just two types of music, that which inspired and that which left you unmoved, both being totally subjective to the individual. In the same programme we would play Deep Purple, Joni Mitchell, Timmy Thomas, Little Feat, Jackson Brown, Bob Dylan and Stevie wonder for example. Hardly Classic Rock was it. We were brought up in that album format philosophy and have no intention of changing it. The music we play has been the soundtrack of our lives and probably yours too. Otherwise you would not be still reading this, music is the great communicator and brings people together. We are a radio station run by broadcasters not suits!

Proud to be a suit free Zone!

We have a two part mission:
1. Playing the *best and most meaningful album tracks.
2. (Because we are probably ageing hippies) We want to use this medium to highlight in a gentle manner Environmental Awareness. Still a lot of work to do on that side yet.
*Our totally subjective opinion.

The Crew

The Radio Dude

The Radio Dude

The guiding hand here at Tellurian Radio (the hand of God as he’d Like to believe) who generally scribbles the posts. The Dude is a laid-back sort of guy usually to be found near a beach or in a coffee bar, we indulge him! He’s been around the block more than a few times and has the scars and T shirts to prove it. Having grown up listening to surf and pop music he later found true enlightenment upon hearing Captain Beefheart.

Roger Mathews

Roger Mathews

Roger is our ‘voice” on air, like the Dude he’s been around the block more than a few times and found his enlightenment on hearing the Doors LA Woman album. Like the Dude he did his time on FM and Album format stations over the years, though in his misspent youth did other lesser formats. He is still trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up.



She gets to do all the things none of us like to do. An all-round Scrubber, Cleaner, gofer, coffee maker and willing hand. She used to answer the phone too, but then we found out the people she regularly talked to ended up on antidepressants. Manages an extremely dramatic lifestyle, female version of Nitro Glycerine, Bless her!

New Music

Ever noticed how many album stations focus just on that brilliant and mind-blowing music of the late 60’s and 70’s not paying much attention to the great music being created today? In reality those FM stations and its European equivalent back in the day were constantly searching out and playing the latest music. Many a major band can credit much of their success to the exposure they got. Here at Tellurian Radio we follow that same principle (because we were there back in the day) and while playing that amazing music from the past we also play the amazing music being created today.

Music Truffler

Music Truffler

Our Secret weapon is the Music Truffler (AKA Kathy) our good friend whose Magnum Opus in life is searching out the newest and best music. We rely on her to find the new music that matches our sound, check out her Facebook page. If you are a new and upcoming band/musician trying to make an impact send your stuff to Kathy. You can message Kathy via her Facebook page (Hit the Logo), she receives about 1,000 submissions a month so please be patient.